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Product Set Up & Care

Installation and Set Up

(For Milan, Monaco and Kyoto cases - for Voyage case, scroll further down below)
1.Turn off Your Apple Watch
2. Unscrew the 4 screws at the back to remove the backplate.
3. If your case comes with a silicone cover, place it around your Apple Watch.
4. Place your Apple Watch in the case and align the back cover groove with the watch crown to allow its function. 
5. Put all 4 screws back and make sure the screws are perpendicular to the hole and not skewed, then tighten screws afterwards.
(For Voyage case)
1. Turn off your Apple Watch.
2. Use the tool provided in the box with your order to find small holes in your case, which are found in all 4 corners of the top frame (top and bottom).
3. Push the tool in either in both top or bottom holes until you hear a click-type sound. Do the same for the other side.
4. After this, the top frame of the case should come out.
5. Get the silicone cover and put it around your Apple Watch.
6. Put your Apple Watch back in the case, then snap the top frame of the case back on.

Resizing Straps

 1. Observe the removable clasps on your strap.
2. Snap off to lift the latch on the top side of the clasp with your fingers.
3. To relink the watchstrap, simply reattach it by closing and pushing the latch hook to snap the clasp shut.
 1. Turn over your strap.
2. Observe the holes on both sides of the watchstrap and the arrows. Point the adjustment tool according to the arrow directions and pin into the holes that are deeper and do not have any straight line markings.
3. Make sure the strap is laid flat on the adjustment tool platform.
4. Rotate the tool’s knob to push the needle inside the strap out. Press the strap flat against the tool as you rotate.
5. Remove excess pieces as needed and repeat for the next links you are removing until you find your desired fit.
6. To relink the watchstrap, put back the needle and push it in from the side it came out of with the adjustment tool.
(*In case the adjustment tool pin is broken because of excessive force, please replace it with the spare needle, which is included in your tool kit bag. If tool does not work, you may visit your nearest watch repair shop to help you resize your strap and remove the links.)

Changing Milan Straps

1. Turn over your Milan case and find the pins at the back on each strap

2. Push both parts of the pin in towards each other to remove the strap, repeat this step for the other strap.

3. To put the strap back in, push both parts of the pin back in and hold until the notches are aligned. Release afterwards to lock in the strap, then repeat this step for the other strap.


Product Care

We suggest the following care instructions to maximize the life of your cases and straps:

Metal Watch Cases and Straps: All metal cases and straps are protected with high quality plating and PVC coating to prevent tarnish and to resist abrasion. To preserve this plating, avoid contact with lotions, chemical cleaners, hair products, lotions, and especially perfume.  When wearing perfume, allow it to dry before putting on your shiny new jewelry. Clean with a damp cloth to keep fresh and shiny.  Use mild soap if necessary. Dry completely before storing. Store in a dry place. If packed for travel, lay watch bands flat in the original packaging or in our jewelry case. Avoid contact with other metal pieces to prevent scratches.

Leather Watch Bands: Your leather band will soften and conform to the shape of your wrist over time after a few wears. Avoid contact with lotions, chemical cleaners, and especially perfume. Occasionally clean your leather band and any metal accent with a damp cloth.  Use mild soap if necessary. Dry completely before storing. Store in a dry place.